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No two knives are alike. Depending on its length, width, thickness and blade edge, each knife is suited for very specific tasks. Just the same, all of the models in the three new Fissler lines – profession, perfection and passion – have three things in common: They are precision-forged in Germany for optimal sharpness from chromium molybdenum vanadium steel, are extremely comfortable to hold due to their ergonomically shaped handles, and, with their distinctive design, are as sharp as they look.

The Little Fissler Knifeology shows how they are used and explains what knife is suited for what purpose.

boning knife

252x168 03 FIS Anwendung Lamm ausbeinen 01

The narrow blade of the boning knife (here from the passion line), which tapers to a sharp point, is perfect for removing meat from bones. It makes it possible for you to carefully feel your way to the bone, without damaging the meat that surrounds it. This is good for preparing a roast, for a closed surface structure guarantees juicy results. This knife is also extremely good for removing tendons.

bread knife

252x168 01 FIS Anwendung Brotschneiden 01

The bread knife with the classic scalloped edge (here from the profession line) cuts through the crust without crushing the soft crumb inside. Considerably less pressure must be used than with a knife with a smooth blade edge. The one-sided blade always leaves a straight cut face on the loaf of bread, so that it is much less likely to dry out.

peeling knife

252x168 02 FIS Anwendung Kartoffel-schaelen 01

Best for peeling potatoes is the little peeling knife (here from the perfection line). The short blade and the short handle make it possible to work with your hand very close to the potato, also an advantage when performing other tasks that require a little sensitivity. The blade's slight crescent shape is also a perfect match for the curved form of the potato. Of course, this knife can be used to peel (almost) anything else as well.

carving knife

252x168 04 FIS Anwendung Schinken schneiden 01

The carving knife (here with the 16 cm blade from the profession line, also available with a 20 cm blade) is perfect when very fine slices are called for. The blade is ground very thin, so that the knife exerts very little resistance. It is also suitable for carving roasts or poultry.

utility knife

252x168 05 FIS Anwendung Tomate schneiden 01

There are two options for slicing tomatoes. Either you use a knife with a smoothly ground blade, one that must be extremely sharp, or you use a utility knife with a serrated edge (here from the perfection line). Its blade first slits open the firm skin, then cuts the delicate flesh inside, without having to exert too much pressure. Since its blade is shorter than that of the bread knife, the utility knife
is also good for cutting open rolls.


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