Which knife for which purpose? Every knife has its own advantages and strengths in an extremely wide range of application areas.

01 Profes Schael 70 2008 01

Peeling knife
Its curved blade makes it ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables.

02 Profes Gemuese 80 2008 01

Vegetable knife
Ideal for trimming, mincing and decorating fruits, vegetables and mushrooms

04 Profes Spick 90 2008 01

Larding knife
Ideal for cutting onions and herbs and for larding lean meat and poultry

05 Profes UniWell 130 01

Utility knife

  • Knife with fine scalloping
  • Cuts easily through tomato skin and hard crusts
03 Profes Steak 120 2008 01

Steak knife

  • Knife with a wavy blade
  • Cuts roasted, grilled and crisp meat easily and gently 
06 Profes Ausbein 140 01

Boning knife

  • Small knife with narrow blade
  • Ideal for removing bones, tendons and fat
09 Profes Filier 160 01

Filleting knife

  • Small knife with a thin, highly elastic blade
  • Very good for removing bones and skin from fish
16 Profes Brot 200 01

Bread knife

  • Large knife with rough scalloping
  • Ideal for cutting hard and soft bread and crisp roasts
10 Profes Koch 160 01

Chef's knife

  • The all-around knife with the large side
  • Ideal for mincing and chopping and for cutting meat, fruits, vegetables and fish
07 Profes Schinken 160 01

Carving knife

  • Knife with a long, narrow blade
  • This knife can be used for carving roasts, raw or boiled ham, and other meats.
12 Profes Santoku 140 01

Santoku knife

  • The all-purpose knife
  • Santoku knife means "knife of three good things," referring to meat, fish and vegetables.
  • This knife is also available with a hollow edge.
18 Profes Deba 200 01

Deba knife

  • Filleting knife for fish
  • One-sided blade
20 Profes Nakiri 160 01

Nakiri knife

  • Especially for salads and wok dishes
  • Two-sided blade
19 Profes Yanagiba 180 01

Yanagiba knife

  • Sushi and sashimi knife
  • One-sided blade
17 Profes Chin.Km 180 01

Chinese chef's knife

  • Knife for cutting and chopping vegetables and herbs
  • Two-sided blade


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