Methods of preparation

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When stir-frying, small pieces of different foods are quickly fried in a little oil. All the ingredients are constantly stirred using the wok spoon. The Fissler magic wok spoon and black edition wok turner have been specially designed for the round shape of the wok.


Thanks to their half-sphere shape and large surface area, woks are perfect for deep-frying, even when handling large quantities of food. This cooking method gives food a delicious crispy coating with a juicy inside.

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Steaming allows the ingredients to retain maximum authentic flavour. This gentle cooking method retains the nutritional value of food. It is a popular method because of this, and also because it is simple and produces appetising-looking food. There is a wide range of steamed dishes from ginger chicken through to vegetable dumplings. Steaming is a great way of producing new culinary delights.

The wok range

Fissler offers a full range of woks in stainless steel and cast aluminium. Stainless steel woks include the Fissler profi Wok. The Kanton Wok and Long-handled Wok have a non-stick coating. Each wok offers various advantages when preparing delicious exotic meals.


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